Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It gets stranger ...

WARNING: If the words 'vaginal steam bath' make you feel queasy, don't read this post.

I previously posted about my experiences in a Korean bath house (jjimjilbang), including the slightly disturbing 'body scrub' which I tried at Dragon Hill Spa. But another one of the strangest experiences in my life so far has also taken place in Dragon Hill. it's called the 'Emperor's Sitz Hip Bath' in English, and if you've ever heard of a sitz or hip bath before, you'll be aware it has something to do with crouching over boiling hot water. The aim of this traditional Korean version is to cure all kinds of issues one might have with one's lady-bits, and it's purported benefits include: stimulating blood circulation, relieving period pain, removing body waste and curing various minor ailments in your lady-area.

OK girls, just for your benefit I'm going to explain exactly what this bizarre alternative therapy entails. I know, beacause I'VE TRIED IT.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Mountain Hiking in Seoul

One of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday is walking in the mountains around Seoul. This kills more than one bird: Firstly, it's a free and enjoyable way to get some exercise (something my lifestyle is distinctly lacking). Secondly, it keeps me far away from the shopping centres and thereby helps me to save money by avoiding temptation. Another reason is the simple self-satisfaction of walking onwards for hours and finally reaching the goal, the top of a peak. I can then relax in the evening over a few shots of soju, saying proudly to myself, "I CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN TODAY." Which has a better ring to it than, say, "I spent 200,000won on shoes today." (Which is what I might have done otherwise.)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Korean Spa

Many apartments in Korea don't have bathtubs. However, despite not being able to take a bath at home, there's something a million times better in Seoul and that's the public bath-houses or 'jjimjilbang'. Some of these are small and little more than a place to wash and sleep, but head to one of the larger places for the full jjimjilbang experience. It's a unique aspect of Korean culture that really needs to be experienced first-hand.