Saturday, 3 December 2011

Coffee Shop

Coffee is BIG in Korea. During the 13-minute walk from my apartment to the subway station, I will pass a Starbucks, a Caffe Ti-amo, a Caffe Bene, a Holly's Coffee, a Tom n Toms, five independent coffee shops and four coffee-selling bakeries. That's FOURTEEN opportunities to buy a Cappuccino, without even taking a detour. And if it's too early or late for those places to be open, I can just pop into any corner store and find a large selection of coffee in cans, bottles or cartons for a quick hit of caffeine/sugar/goodness-knows-whatever-else-they-mix-in-with-that-stuff.

As people spend so much time in coffee shops, I thought a coffee shop language lesson might be useful! You don't really need to speak any Korean to order coffee, but it's good to know. Here are some key words and phrases:

일회용 컵 disposable cup
종이 컵 paper cup
머그잔 / 머그컵 mug
홍차 black tea
녹차 green tea
따뜻한 것 hot one
시원한 것 cold one

고구마라떼 두 잔 주세요 two sweet potato lattes, please (try it, it's yummy!)
아이스 카페 라떼 하나 주세요 one ice cafe latte, please
우유 빼 주세요 leave out the milk
휘핑 크림 추가해 주세요 add whipped cream please
가지고 가실 거예요? Is it for take-out?
여기서 드실 거예요? Is it for eat-in?
가져갈 거예요. Take-out please.
포장해 주세요. Wrap it for take-out, please. (for food)
여기서 마실 거예요. I'll drink it here.

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