Tuesday, 28 August 2012

둘래길 Pictures

Most mountains in Korea have signposted trails called '둘레길' (dule-gil). Rather than leading you up the mountain to the summit, 둘레길 paths circle the mountain's base.  This generally means that 둘레길 hikes are less physically demanding, but it also means you get to see the rich and varied sights of life around the perimeters of the mountain.

The most popular place to hike near Seoul is Bukhansan National Park (북한산국립공원), a massive area to the north of the city that encompasses Bukhansan and Dobongsan. I usually go there to follow trails up to the peaks, but when I decided to take the 둘레길 route for a change, I found some really interesting scenery. I got off the subway at Dobongsan station (도봉산역), walked through the market stalls and crowds of weekend hikers, and then just followed the 'Dulegil signs' ...

Cute cartoon squirrel, helping you to identify trees by their leaves

I never knew this beautiful temple was here ...
Painted scenes on the walls around the outside of the temple

Burial ground
Traditional Korean style blue roof
I ended up not far from where I'd started, near the next subway stop, Dobong Station (도봉역)

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