Korean Menus #2

This sign is for a 샤브샤브 restaurant. It's just a place I saw in my local neighbourhood when I lived in Incheon (인천). The name of the restaurant is 계양촌.

Under the red name, you can see in blue '찌개 / 전골 전문점', so this place must specialise in  찌개 and 전골. The word 전문점 simply means something like 'speciality outlet'. Then under that you can see in black another speciality, 샤브샤브.

Jjigae is a kind of stew ...

Jeongol is another kind of stew ...

Kimchi Jjigae Jeongol
Well, it's a kind of kimchi stew, I guess!

'부대' (Budae) or 'army' stew is spicy and contains a random assortment of ham, spam, sausage and other mystery meats.

(You'll see 부대찌개 and 김치찌개 at many restaurants.)

해물 - Seafood

It's a fantastic kind of hot pot. You get plates piled high with mushooms, leafy veg and seafood or thinly sliced meat, and when the broth is boiling just dunk them in. You often get a pile of flat noodles to dunk in the broth after you've finished everything else, so it can be really reallly filling. If you ever order seafood shabu shabu, watch out for the weird little nobbly sea creatures that squirt some vile bitter liquid into your mouth when you bite into them ... I can't remember what they're called but you'll know what I mean when you try them!

낙지 - Octopus
소곱창 - Beef intestines
낙지소곱창전골 - Octopus and beef intestine stew (wow that sounds really appetising.)

버섯  - Mushroom
불고기 - Bulgogi, famous Korean style beef, thinly sliced and marinated.
버섯불고기 전골 - Mushroom and bulgogi stew

Lastly ...

In my post on common Hanja (Chinese characters), I used this picture to show the uses of the characters  小, 中 and , which mean small, medium and large respectively. You can see on the sign the prices for each portion size. Other restaurants may state how many people the dish is for, eg. 2분 (2 people), rather than say the size.


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