Korean Menus #3 - 산에서

Today's menu sign: 북한산 만석장 - A restaurant at Bukhansan mountain park.

There are always lots of places to get food around the mountain trails in Korea. After a long and tiring hike, a good hot meal at a tent restaurant is the best feeling ever!

The items in black on this sign read from top to bottom, not left to right.

오리 Duck
오리불고기 Duck bulgogi (thinly sliced marinated meat, Korean BBQ style)
오리 Duck soup

토종 Native + Chicken = 토종 Korean chicken
토종백속 Korean chicken, boiled with vegetables
토종도리 Korean chicken in a spicy casserole

메기 Catfish
매운 Spicy fish soup/stew (매운 means spicy, and means soup)
메기매운 spicy catfish stew

두부 Tofu + 버섯 Mushroom + 전골 Stew/casserole = 두부버섯전골 Tofu and mushroom stew

등심불고기Sirloin beef bulgogi

더덕구이 Grilled deodeok root (a kind of vegetable)

숯 Charcoal
불고기 Charcoal grilled bulgogi

There are a lot of items on this menu! Behind the lamp post:

두부김치 Simply 두부 (tofu) and 김치(kimchi) on a plate! Really good mountain food.

도토리 Acorn
Korean jelly. Sliced into squares and served with savoury dishes.
도토리 Acorn jelly. It's brown, slippery and tasteless but I like it a lot. Usually seasoned with tasty sauce.

밴댕이 Herring
무침 Mixed seasoned veg etc. (무치다 means to season)
밴댕이무침 Highly seasoned mixed herring salad

야채 Vegetables
비빔밥 Bibimbap (Famous dish of stuff mixed with rice)
야채비빔밥 Vegetable bibimbap

된장 Doenjang (a coarse fermented soybean paste with a strong flavour)
찌개 Jjigae (stew)
된장찌개 Doenjang jjigae (Very popular stew with soybean paste, tofu, mushrooms, veg etc)

두부 Soft tofu
두부백반 Soft tofu meal set with rice and sides

영양김밥 Yeongyang kimbab

Behind the yellow sign is a sign for another restaurant, 할머니 손두부, which means Grandma's Handmade Tofu! 손 means hand, so 손두부 is handmade tofu. It's very common to see 순두부 restaurants around mountains.


  1. Your korean menu series is really interesting and helpful! Ill be sure to keep some of these in mind when I go on a solo trip to korea next year. Food hunting (y)!

  2. Can I just ask though, 한우 is korean beef right? And I know 소 is cow, but what is normal beef?

    1. Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you find it helpful :)

      Yes, 한우 (hanwoo) is top quality Korean beef. The Hanja characters for 한우, '韓牛', literally mean 'korea cow'. Although, I don't know much about it because I don't eat beef!

      In everyday Korean, 소 is 'cow', and 고기 is 'meat', so put the two together and you get the word for 'beef': 소고기.

      Have fun in Korea and enjoy the food! :)

  3. alright thanks, yeah i will! keep travelling and i hope you enjoy it!


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