Korean Menus #4 - 포장마차

Today's Korean menu translation: 포장마차 (street food) !

Here's a look at some of the tasty fare on offer at a regular food stand in a regular Korean street.
Most of the items on this menu are quite common.

Useful vocab:

  It sounds more like 'hat', but this is actually the Korean way to write the English word 'hot'.
  Another English word. It means 'ham' but sounds more like 'hem' in Korean!
ddeok, or tteok. This is very common in Korea. The word means any kind of Korean rice cake, which come in many different shapes, sizes and textures. (In the menu below, however, the word 떡 is used as part of another food name, which is not made of rice but is kind of shaped like a rice cake).
맛살 If you search for this word in Naver's dictionary, it comes up as 'razor-clam meat', while '게맛살' comes up as 'crab-sticks'. Actually, both '게맛살' and '맛살' usually just mean 'crab-sticks', i.e. those processed pink fishy strips. Like ... the Spam of seafood. Very popular in kimbap!

All the items this vendor is selling are listed on the outside of her stand in big bold writing (read top-to-bottom). I like this stand for learning food names, because each item is written in a different colour so you can read and memorise it more easily!

오뎅 odeng (skewered fish cake strips)
핫도그  hot dog (not really a hot dog, but a vile kind of battered sausage on a stick)
햄소세지  ham sausage (I think this one is just a plain sausage on a stick)
핫바  hot bar (a kind of um, hot sausage-shaped something on a stick)
맛살 말이 crab-stick roll (crab-sticks rolled up in omelette!)
계란 egg (although I've no idea how the egg would come if you ordered just 'egg' ...)
떡갈비 ddeok galbi (Korean meatballs or meat patties)
아이스크림 ice cream (does she really have ice cream hidden back there somewhere??)
고구마스틱 sweet potato sticks (the yellow things in plastic cups you can see on the right)
솜사탕 cotton candy (솜 = cotton, 사탕 = candy)

I feel a bit sick just looking at all of these! Most of them I've never tried before, but I love odeng. One thing's for sure, Korean street snacks were not designed to be healthy!


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