Something Fun

This is something cool I bought in Daiso in Korea. It's a kind of play clay for kids:

Fruits 'n' veg set (과일과 채소) only 3000원 (£1.60)!

Creative kids love playing with plasticine and making stuff out of modeling clay. When I was a kid, I could spend hours making models out of Play-doh or oven-bake clay. But I'd never seen this stuff before, until some of my young students brought it to class to show me. One girl made me a beautiful red rose from it, hand-crafting every petal - it was so sweet!

Why is it so cool? Because its texture is something like fun foam. It's ultra-lightweight and air-drying, so you can model something while it's squishy, and then when it dries out it stays in shape but is still really light and soft like fun foam. Hard to describe, really! It comes in a range of bright colours, and you can buy themed boxed sets like the one above, which have a few chosen colours, some tools, and an instruction leaflet showing how to make the models shown on the box. Of course, the instructions are just a suggestion - you can make whatever you like. I made doll shoes!

Language lesson:

빨강 (빨간색) red
노랑 (노란색) yellow
파랑 (파란색) blue
하양 (하얀색) white
검정 (검은색) black

항균 anti-bacterial
청결 clean

절대 먹지 마세요! Do NOT eat!
(절대 'absolutely' + 먹다 'to eat' > verb stem 먹 + 지 마세요 'please don't')

학습 교재 learning materials
색채감각 sense of colour (the packaging suggests that using the clay will help your child develop colour recognition and mixing skills / artistic use of colour)
창의력 creativity

사용방법 및 주희사항 Usage instructions and cautions
기본모양 만들기 Basic shape-making
색의 혼합 Colour mixing


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