2013 in pictures

I haven't blogged about many of the places I visited over the past year, but I have been taking lots and lots of photographs. Here are some of my favourites:


A prayer cushion at a temple on Qingcheng Mountain


While Chengdu's older generation are knitting, playing mah jong and drinking tea ...

... the younger generations are glued to their smartphones

Qibao on the outskirts of Shanghai - Not a great choice to visit when the whole of the country is on New Year holiday



A modern apartment building rises above an older complex in Chengdu

Cases of the local 'Snow' beer in Chengdu


What's on the menu? A restaurant at Dujiangyan, around the time of a bird flu outbreak on the other side of the country



Graffiti art covers almost all surfaces along this street in Chongqing
Cities like Chongqing are continuously under construction
In person, this view of Chongqing was breath-taking. Both futuristic and decaying, the thick pollution and storm clouds lent this cityscape the unsettling atmosphere of a fictional dystopia



Towering golden statues materialise through the mist on top of Emei Mountain

Emei is known for its monkeys. On the same day I took this, someone I know was attacked and badly bitten by one


Surely I've reached Heaven ... the grasslands of Tagong

Distinctive architecture in Tagong
Inside a guest house by the temple in the previous picture. At night it was pitch dark

Prayer flags criss-cross the way up Paomashan, Kangding

Kangding, a meeting point between modern China and the wilderness of Tibet

View over Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia's favourite, but not mine: the legendary durian fruit

Irresistable Indian food at the Batu caves


Back home in the English countryside, not much to do except nature-watch

Sawfly larvae in my mum's garden

View from the Thames Southbank, London


Back in Korea, a place where nobody wants to be single

Traditional style Korean Patbingsu on a scorching hot afternoon during the Chuseok holiday

Soft charcter toys in a UFO claw machine in the street, Seoul


It seems I picked the busiest weekend of the year to visit Seoraksan ...

... but the Autumn views were beautiful
Medicinal herbs on sale at the base of the mountain

In Seoul, you're never more then a few steps away from a cappuccino

Street art in Insadong. Korea has a particular obsession with toilet culture

Inwangsan, a little soul in the heart of a sometimes soulless city


A cathedral in my new neighbourhood. You can't help but notice the massive presence of Christianity in Korea, with churches on every corner and red neon crosses mingling with the lights of karaoke rooms, bars and restaurants at night


I didn't take many pictures in December ... Perhaps I was too busy hiding from the sub-zero temperatures and downing hand-drip coffee in Christmas-decorated coffee shops

Happy New Year, I hope to take many more pictures in 2014


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